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Scenic Design

In Flight

Turn To Flesh Productions

May 2015

The Workshop Theater

Written by Jenny Lyn Bader

Directed by Jessica Bauman

Set Design: Ellie Engstrom

Costume Design: Nicole Slaven

Lighting Design: Chelsie McPhilimy

Sound Design: Iris McElroy

A Tragedy Party

Poetic Theater Productions

Oct. 2014

The Cell Theater


Written by Mickey Bolmer

Directed by Andrew Willis-Woodward

Production Design: Rachel Klein

Costume Design: Arielle Avnia

Lighting Design: Derek Miller

Sound Design: Isaiah Singer

Projection Design: Brad Peterson

'Tis Pity
She's a Whore

Syracuse University - Nov. 2012​​


Written by John Ford

Directed by Celia Madeoy

Costume Design: Molly Weeden

Lighting Design: Susannah Baron

Sound Design: Andrew Mark Wilhelm


Black Box Players - Feb. 2013

Syracuse University

Written by Noah Haidle
Directed by Seth Landau
Costume Design: Matt Maretz and Molly Weeden
Lighting Design: Allison Shumway
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